It Is Minion Time with Kinder Eggs


My favourite season is upon us and with that comes a lot of outdoor time. My kids enjoy going to the local waterpark and spending countless hours in and out of the water. I certainly don't mind going there, as it affords me an opportunity to sit and relax while watching over them. Getting a little work done is an added bonus. Refreshments, as well as snacks are always on the menu. Fresh fruit, and veggies with a cool ranch dipping sauce is just the thing, on a hot summers day. Top it off with a sweet little piece of chocolate from KINDER and I have a happy bunch.

KINDER SURPRISE chocolate eggs are always a go to sweet snack for my kids. My youngest always ends up with all the toys at the end of the day. She always convinces her sisters to give them up. Specially marked KINDER SURPRISE Classic eggs have recently been filled with your favourite Minions toys. On July 10th, there is a new Minions movie hitting the big screen and to celebrate that, your own little Minions can continue to enjoy the limited-edition toys inside specially marked KINDER SURPRISE classic eggs. In my house, the girls have already been asking about the new movie.

As the excitement builds towards the end of the school year, remember to keep up your stock of KINDER SURPRISE classic eggs. Your young scholars will appreciate your thoughtfulness as well as the reward. So, whether you are staying home, or heading out with the little ones this summer, remember the essentials...shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses and KINDER SURPRISE chocolate eggs.

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I'm a #KinderMom who is part of the KINDER Canada influencer team; as part of my affiliation with KINDER Canada, I am provided with special perks and products. All thoughts and opinions however, are my own.