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My latest Obsession: The Pouf!

Yes, the pouf may be sooo 2010....but I can't get over my obsession for the "Pouf" - and trust me, when I say, I have many - but the "Pouf" is an absolutely adorable accent piece to add to any room. Every time I say the word "pouf" I want to start talking in a French accent....c'est oui? Anyway, ‘zee pouf is so versatile since it provides extra seating and adds colour and texture to any room. So really why stop at just buying one....I intend on purchasing 3 or 4 this season for almost every room in my home.
Depending on the fabric and pattern of the pouf...you can use it as an accent piece in either a formal or a casual room. And the best thing is that the pouf comes in all different price points ranging from $60.00 up to thousands of dollars....shocking but true!
Here are some of my favourites:
Love the gold....I'd put this one in my home office...oh sooo glam! It's from Nate Berkus' home decor line for the Home Shopping Network (HSN.com) in the US. And it's only $105.00 CDN...not a bad deal!!


By Nate Berkus HSN.com
This next metallic one I would put in my master bedroom....and believe me, one would not be enough. John Derain has the most amazing variety of handmade Moroccan poufs. This silver one retails for approximately $325.00 each.


John Derian
This gorgeous pouf is called the Flora Pouf and it is covered in hundreds of laser-cut wool flowers to create a unique and functional piece. I would put this one in one of my daughters' rooms...it's so feminine looking. It retails for approximately $549.00.


Flora Pouf by Modern Dose
The poufs below are all from West Elm and I love that they are square versus round...it gives them a less formal look....definitely made to be featured in my family room. And yes, I will take the whole lot!!! I warned you....it's an obsession!


West Elm
This one I would place in my foyer underneath the console table...you should always strive to create a statement at your front entrance for when guests arrive...it sets the mood for the remainder of the visit. And this one would put my guests in a frivolous mood!! Salut!!


West Elm
If you're not sick of all this Pouf Porn, then feast your eyes on the next few examples of rooms where the Pouf makes quite the statement....va-va-voom!!! J'adore le pouf!!

Why not put a pouf in your bathroom...it absolutely works!!


Both rooms designed by Amanda Nisbet
Children's room are perfect for the Pouf!


Design by Kelly Wearstler, poufs by John Derian Image via Decor Pad

These living rooms are utterly glamorous....I love, love those pink leather poufs!!


Both Images via Elle Decor

I hope you now understand why I am so obsessed with the glamorous little "pouf." And if you are now convinced that you too can no longer live without having a pouf in your home....I would hurry and go buy one or 2 before ‘POUF'...they are all gone (yes, pun intended!). Au Revoir mes amies xoxo

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Glamorously yours,       

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