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Are you a magnificent Mom, WonderMoms is looking for amazing Moms in our community to highlight on our website each month. 

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My name is Cherie and I am a SAHM to 4 kids-2 boys 7 and 5 and twin girls 2.5 yrs. My story is similar to many, too much on my plate not enough winning lottery tickets to make a dent:) All of us mom's can use an extra pair of hands or two! My story varies a bit from the average SAHM. True, im the typically over 35 verging on 40-yikes! still wearing jeans and sneakers while I shop with my extra large knapsack everywhere i go:) Ok; not so typical;)
This summer in June our world was turned up side down, we always knew our one twin was "behind" she never crawled, didnt have any language for months, was late for most milestones but we still clung on to the hopes it was because she was born early-little did we know how all the pieces of the puzzle came together; As part of a case study for Halton, the girls were tested in all area's for cognitive,social,language and gross motor. The study was done over a period of 12 mos,18 mos and 2 yrs -finally on June 5th 2010 we heard the words we dreaded -"the twins have Autism" -So many thoughts ran thru my head! -I have friends who have Autistic children I know the struggles they face, How? Why? and What will we do now? I immediately researched everything on this subject, and amazingly thanks to incredible support out there We are not alone! My girls are in a private IBI program now while we wait for Government funding its a 3 yr wait-much too long- we had to act fast while the girls were still so young! My family has been in a crazy chaos on a daily basis, some days my head is just above the water; I also run a home business Girlybaby,Tutus,Headbands,Bows and More! I just love creating cute and fun accessories for babies and kids! Its a great way to de-stress and unwind after a long day of telling my daughter "no climbing the banisters,tables,....
"When asked How do i manage it all"? my answer is simply " One day at a time; and a whole lot of coffee".

Cherie Kollee
SAHM to Joshua 7, Jake 5 and Charlotte and Evelyn 2.5 yrs ASD

How to enter, submit a story on why you are a magnificent Mom and we want the real juice. Have you volunteered your time at a food shelter, walked in event to raise money for a fundraiser? Do you work full time and juggle children, husband and a social life...keeping sane?  WonderMoms wants to hear from you and we would love to share your story, journey with our other WonderMoms.
Please email us your story to info@wondermoms.ca 
Subject Title- Magnificent Moms
Please include your picture and a website link you have have one. 
Each month we will post your story, and hopefully inspire other Magnificent Moms.

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