Shut Up and Eat with Kathy Buckworth

Our very own WonderMom Tamara McPherson is on the prowl -- searching for WonderMoms within our communities.  Watch for her upcoming interviews with fierce women who give back and support our Mom
Communities!  If you know of a WonderMom in your community, let us know!

Kathy Buckworths’  interview with WonderMoms.ca Suffice to say a combination of  tons of giggling and peals of laughter before we finally got down to business and talked about her much anticipated new book “Shut Up and Eat! -- tales of chicken, children and chardonnay”.  Watch Kathy talk about being a WonderMom!



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"The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood" is now available at bookstores everywhere. "Shut Up & Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children & Chardonnay" is available for pre-order online at Chapters and Amazon


Read her new blog "BlackBerryDiaries" Visit www.kathybuckworth.com to link in.


Follow her on twitter at www.twitter.com/kathybuckworth