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Kids Cook at School is dedicated to healthy living promotions in healthy food, cultural cuisine and active lifestyles. Programs for schools and community groups focus on healthy cooking classes for students (JK-8), youth and adults.  School programs also include an active play component in a new Cook and Move program.

 "Good nutrition and physical activity supports academics, athletics and overall good health." explains Maria Folino, Co-Director of the program.  The new format includes a cooking lesson, a recipe kit for home, active games and physical activity challenge for the family...lot's of fun for everyone

It's easy to participate... classes are held during Lunch, After-School or at Parent-Student Wellness events.  You don't need a kitchen...programs are held in the gymnasium or an available classroom.  Safe food handling concepts and cooking skills are featured in every class.    

Not only is this a fun and interactive experience at school, every recipe and physical activity is rolled into a take-home project that the student does at home with siblings and their parents. It is a wonderful way to engage family participation and spend time together in a way that promotes healthy living. 

School communities are invited to visit a Lunch, After-school or Student-Parent Event at participating schools.  Please contact Kids Cook at School to indicate interest in visiting a program in your area.



Principal Pat Barr brings the Lunch Program to Abbey Lane Public School and is credited for piloting the very first Kids Cook at School event at Captain R. Wilson Public School in 2009. Senior Student Ambassadors assist junior participants in the program: Andreea Kiss, Emily Hall, and Maggie Bowman with Principal Pat Barr.

Maria Folino, founder of the Kids Cook at School program has partnered with Aman Jaspal, Cultural Food Specialist, to develop unique cooking classes and physical fitness opportunities for schools and community groups serving children, youth, adults and seniors. Their careers are dedicated to healthy living promotions in healthy food, cultural cuisine and active lifestyles.
Community partners inlude the Oakville YMCA, Active Halton and the Halton Fresh Food Box. This collaborative involvement supports program development in healthy food preparation, active lifestyle promotions, access to local fresh food boxes, life skills education, safe food handling training, and financial support for families in need.
Preparing healthy food, and participating in fun physical activities brings the family together and supports efforts in leading a healthy life. We encourage you to offer this experience in your community!
Try it...you'll like it!
For more information, please contact:
maria@cookatschool.ca (905) 847-7194 or
aman@cookatschool.ca (905) 465-3231
Proud partner of the
Oakville YMCA, Active Halton and Halton Fresh Food Box