Time to Reflect on Christmas Memories with Kinder

Another Christmas is in the books, and with that it is time to reflect on what made it extra special.

For this year we decided to head south to Florida to spend quality time with relatives. Knowing that the weather would be in our favour had no bearing on our decision, honest...

Walking along the beach on Christmas day with sand squishing in between your toes is in some way just what the doctor ordered.

Christmas to me has always been about tradition, partaking in family gatherings to reminisce about the experiences we have had throughout the past year. The gifts, the drinks, the food and the stories are all part of that celebration. There are however, some things that never seem to change from year to year.

As a child, I remember celebrating with Kinder chocolate eggs. The anticipation of opening them up to find the surprise that awaited you, then sitting back and eating the tasty chocolate egg. Since becoming a mom, we have gone one step further around the holidays by letting the kids ramp up the excitement with the Kinder Advent Calendar which gives each child a chocolate a day right up to and including Christmas day. It is amazing how quiet the house is when its time to unwrap their daily treat.

A new year brings with it a new set of dreams and aspirations for the each member of my family. I will do my best to make all of their wishes come true. If I fail at any of those endeavours, I can always feed them Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs to make them feel better. Happy New Year to all....2015 is upon us.

What are some of your family's holiday traditions? 

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