Kinder Surprises


The month of February has so many great attributes attached to it. As a mother of 4 beautiful girls, it is important for me to be prepared for everything, from the snow filled days, weekly tobogganing trips to the local park as well as celebrating things like the romance of Valentines Day with my husband and Family Day at home with loved ones. And lets not forget those Leap Year Babies, let's show them a little love too as they get to officially celebrate their birthdays every four years.

No matter what the cause for celebration, our friends at KINDER have got you covered. I mean, who doesn't love the wholesome goodness of milk chocolate eggs with a little surprise toy inside? My family has for years enjoyed them to celebrate milestones, be it good grades or just to say thank you for a job well done.

One of the things I like about their Facebook page is #KinderPlayWednesday, designed around quick and easy play-based games for the kids. My youngest likes to frequent the page as a way of bringing to my attention the fact that she wants another Kinder Surprise Egg. I have to give her credit for her ingenuity and original ideas considering she is only 9 years old.

Should you have any Kinder inspired ideas, then send them along by visiting either their Facebook page or on Instagram.



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