Love when you can pay in a Flash


Interac FLASH...

For those of you who have been using a debit card for the past 25-30 years to make your everyday purchases, you have been privy to the benefits of having a product designed at making your life just a little bit easier. Security in knowing that if you didn't make the purchase yourself, then it didn't happen. Your card, and your personal identification number (PIN) are your security mechanism to make each and every purchase trackable.

The all-new Interac Flash card, is Canada's first and only contactless debit payment solution. Designed around making your personal financial security the most important feature of the card. It has all the benefits of the regular Interac Debit but also allows cardholders to pay for smaller purchases, using their own money, a faster than ever option. All you have to do is choose to hold your card in front of a contactless point-of-sale terminal and Voila; your purchase is made, both safe, and secure.

The convenience factor is not forgotten while using Interac Flash either. No longer wait for cash or change, simply wave the card. If the card is accepted, you will hear a beep and all is good. An "APPROVED" message will show up on the terminal letting you know of a successful transaction.

Your newly acquired purchases are automatically debited from your account. Being able to see your purchases on your regular bank statement is just an added bonus.

Any retailer who currently accepts "debit" has now become your best friend. Only now they are able to serve you faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Lets not forget our retail partners either. With a much faster processing of a customers debit card, we can put through quicker transactions. "Time is money."

Interac is so sure of their products, that they have implemented a feature called, the "Zero Liability Policy." All PIN based transactions are traceable and trackable, in other words, they are PIN code authorized. An incorrect PIN code will make the transaction voidable.

Interac Flash uses the most secure RF enabled smartcard technology. They understand how important your sensitive information is to your everyday life.

I can't wait to get my new Interac Flash Debit Card, as security, convenience and reliability means everything to my everyday life.