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Why I love my BOOBS! (fest)

There are many things in my life that are FABULOUS and I am blessed and thankful for all of hem...but for the purpose of this article I am going to chat about two of them. My FABULOUS boobs( personal opinion) and FABULOUS friendships. This is the story about how the two of them collided to create Boob Fest,not literally, itʼs not that kind of story.

Four years ago I was asked to help my friend Kathleen who was hosting a party to raise money for breast cancer. I thought, sure why not, good cause, fun night out. I would design some fabulous pink cocktails, have a great time and that was that, or so I thought. By then end of the evening she had me convinced to join her fight and walk 60km in The Weekend to End Womenʼs Cancer in Toronto...Stupid Booze... Well I showed her, by the time registration day came around, I was pregnant, AGAIN. So no walking for me. Instead I fought the fight by once again helping her raise money with a Fabulous Party! Is there a better way? At the end of this event Kathleen made me promise her two things, 1) NOT to get pregnant again and 2) I WAS walking next year. And I did...and it changed my life.

Walking in the 60km Weekend To End Womenʼs Cancer was the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. It sucked the life out of me both physically and emotionally yet gave me back something that I never knew I needed. I canʼt explain what it is, I wish I could and bottle it for everyone to experience. I am now hooked on a feeling!

So this year to raise money for my walk, each walker has to raise a minimum of $2000.00 just to walk. I decided to combine all the things I love, friends, cocktails and shopping.OH MY! Hence, Boob Fest was born. This year alone I have hosted 5 Fabulous Boobfest parties that have raised over $7000 for the cause. Not bad for a bunch of shopaholic winos.

My walk this year hits home more than ever. This past winter I was in cancer limbo myself. By that I mean I waited a total of almost 3 months from lump to lab to find out that I was cancer free. Going through the process of mammograms and biopsies was so stressful for me and my husband, all the horrid "WhatIfʼs" that were floating around. Thankfully all the news was good.

So now I walk with more passion and FABULOUSʼNESS than ever for all women and men! We love Moobies too! I walk so my four children wonʼt have too. I walk so you wonʼt have to. I just walk!

As much as I love hosting Boob Fest, I canʼt wait for the day when I host my final one, because cancer sucks.

I am Dee Brun, and I am saving the world, one Cocktail at a time.


Congrats for Walking in the Weekend To End Womenʼs Cancer