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A Little About the Mikey Network 
Sick Kids Hospital with the Mikey Network has developed the Mikey at Home Program. This program allows children who have been diagnosed with a heart disease to go home while waiting for treatment or transplants. These children would not be discharged from the hospital without receiving a Mikey unit. The Mikey's Kids Program has donated 8 units to date.

SickKids Hospital is an important partner in an initiative aimed at children, called the Mikey's Kids Program. The Network supplies Mikeys to families whose children have serious heart conditions so they and their families can leave the hospital knowing that a Mikey is at hand should their heart happen to skip a beat.

The Mikey Network's mission involves helping people of all ages, and it has been gratifying to help so many families through the Network's partnership with SickKids Hospital.

"The Mikey Kids-at-Home program ensures that families from all parts of Ontario, whose children have life-threatening heart conditions, have access to life-saving AED technology," says Dr. Joel Kirsh. "This provides high-risk patients, their families and their medical team at SickKids wonderful piece of mind."

Social workers at The Labatt Family Heart Centre at SickKids wrote, "Through the generosity of The Mikey Network in supplying defibrillators for the children and training for their caregivers, these children are able to be at home when they might not have otherwise been able to safely do so."

The peace of mind these Mikeys provide for families is priceless, knowing that should their child's heart skip a beat, life-saving help is close at hand.




Join the Team Mikey Walk of Life. Saturday, May 14th, 2011 The Mikey Network will not only participate in this great walk but also help raise money for the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, whose cardiac rehabilitation centres take over where the Mikeys leave off, helping thousands of cardiac survivors recover and ideally live long and heart healthy lives. So come out and participate in a fun, healthy day for the entire family.

As our gift to you The Mikey Network will pay the Registration Fee for all TEAM MIKEY participants and every team member will receive TEAM MIKEY gear. Our goal is for each team member to raise a minimum of $100 towards this great cause and encourage 5 friends or family members to participate.

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