Motherless Mama

Mourning the death of a Mom is not easy. As a society, we tend to perpetuate the myth that the death of a parent is too be expected and should be gotten over quickly. What if you are a Motherless Mama, here are some tips to help with the loss.

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Survival Tips For Motherless Mamas

I am often asked by my mom friends whose moms are living, how do I do it? My mom died when I was ten. Both my grandmas have been long gone. While my husband is away at work, I am the sole parent of my two young daughters.

These are some young mom tips I have picked up along the way. If your mom is alive or not in the picture, you might find a tip or two useful.
1. Get out to a New mommy and Me class. They are at local Health Units or look up your area on meetup.com
2. Read all types of books. It feels less lonely on the days you are home alone with your baby.
3. Get on-line: Facebook, Twitter and emails.
4. Schedule time to get out of the house no matter what. Put on the calendar the next Shop and Stoll, book club, Weight Watchers, Mommies and Movies or story time at the local library.
5. Give yourself a break to not be caught up on housework. Relax and play with your beautiful child.
6. Scrapbook stories about your mom for your child. Write down any memoires of your mom, grandma and yourself as a child. It is therapeutic for you and a legacy for your children.

7. Allow yourself to grieve again when you become a mom. I miss my mom more even though its been 26 years. I have only been a mom for 3 1/2. Years.

I hope this helps. Come and share any tips you might have on how you are surviving (or not).

You are not alone.


Written by - Danielle  a stay-at-home/writer of two miracle daughters. Her work can be found on websites such as : The Momoir Project, Yummy Mummy Club. Amotherworld.com and Womenspost.ca. Danielle also wrote two kids books which she self-published. Harley- can be found on  amazon.ca
At any given day you can also find her on her personal blog: justdworld.com or on Twitter @justdworld. Her Twitterversary was Wednesday May 12th,2010.
Danielle lives with her husband of seventeen years and their girls in Langley, B.C.