Muskoka Woods, A Kids Point Of View


My mom is a WonderMom. She came home one day and surprised us with a trip to Muskoka Woods Camp. I had not heard of it before and did not know what we would do there. Me and my sisters went to our computer to see the web site. It looked very cool with lots of fun stuff to do there.

At the end of the week we were packed and ready to go, except my bigger sister, she wasn't coming, she is too old. But that was okay cause me and my little sisters would have loads of fun without her. Mom piled us all into the van to go to the meet the bus. It was a long drive to the bus stop. We arrived earlier than mostly everybody and waited for our friends Wendy and her daughter.

Once we got onto the bus, it was very exciting because we were talking about all the fun stuff we were going to do. Most of the stuff, I had not done before. The bus drive was very long to get there, so I played with my video games to make it go faster. I had a snack pack and a couple of drinks until we got to Muskoka Woods.

The bus driver was nice, he had a big bushy mustache. When we got there and got off the bus it was very huge and cool place. It went on for ever and ever.

We met some nice people and they told us where our cabins would be and where we would be sleeping for the night. Me and my sisters ran to our cabins with our friends that came with us. I slept on the top bunk, it was really cool. I unpacked my bag and got everything ready for the time there. I put on my name tag and went outside for a tour of the grounds. After the tour was over we had free time and waited for lunch and played. It was so fun with my sisters and lots of giggling. Lunch was over fast as we all wanted to get started on our activities and play with the groups we had been split up into. We did some activities for an hour or two.



My very first fun activity was the giant ropes. Giant ropes is where the camp people put a safety harness on you so you do not get hurt. That would be bad and ruin your weekend. The camp counsellors pull you up very, very high. 80 feet off the ground up in the air and then you start swinging. I screamed a lot because it was so much fun. I never wanted to go home, ever. After I got done swinging around, I went to play tennis. I have never done tennis before and was not very good at first. I play lots of tennis on my Wii video game at home with my whole family on family game night. My Dad isn't very good either. After I got good at tennis, I wanted to go skateboarding and rollerblading. I have not done either of them before. I was very tired after all this fun and went back to the cabin for a rest and got ready for dinner. Dinner was a huge display. Mom says it is "buffet style" and you can eat as much as you want. So i stuffed my face with lots of food. Dinner was yummy. Then after dinner we went to our cabins and then went to the tuck shop and got a drink and some candy. The we all went to the flagpole and went to the campfire next. At the campfire we ate "smores" and performed skits and plays and sang lots of songs. My little sisters were very tired by this time, but we all still had a good time with my mom. When we got back to our cabins we got glow sticks to play with in the dark. Then we went to bed. It was a very busy first day. 

The next morning we woke up and got ready for breakfast. Breakfast was yummy too. Then we started our activities. My first activity was canoeing. It was really fun. I was splashing my mom by mistake. We laughed a lot and she splashed me back. After canoeing was over we went to zip-lining. Zip-lining is very tall up in the air. I could even hear my Mom screaming all the way to the bottom. After zip-lining was done, we went to lunch. Lunch was the same buffet style. I like buffet lunch cause I can eat everything that I want too. It was good this time too. Lunch was over and all the kids got new t-shirts from Muskoka Woods. I love mine very much. Kids at my school asked me all about my cool trip on a bus to the camp.

We went back to our cabin and packed for the bus ride home to our car. The driver with the mustache was there again. Muskoka Woods Camp was so much fun, really fun. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and want to go back again. I will really like to go again and maybe even never come home. But I know I would miss my dogs, and my dad too.

Thank you to the nice people from Muskoka Woods who swung me in the air.

From The Wonder "Kid" age 9