The Nokia Lumia 610


The Nokia Lumia 610..." another worthy addition to the Nokia family of smartphones."

With all that the so-called "smartphone" industry has to offer consumers these days, it is very easy to get confused and make the wrong purchasing decision. I have always tried to make purchases using the "need" side of the brain and not the "want" side. In other words, purchase without emotion being part of the equation. It is a very good stance to take when using your own money. I am trying to instill that same set of standards in my own children as they begin to make purchases for themselves.

WonderMoms was offered the opportunity to test drive the all-new Nokia Lumia 610. I allowed my 14-year-old daughter to take the reins on this and see what she thought.

She has had the phone for about a month already and absolutely loves it. Considering she already has used a cell phone for 2 years with her own money, I find it refreshing to see that she is able to distinguish the differences between the phone she already had and the new Lumia 610. The very first comment out of her mouth was, "the sound is so much clearer than my old one Mom." A positive response within seconds of using it, we may be onto something here.

Some of the differences that she pointed out were how much lighter weight the Nokia was than her previous phone, weighing in at only 132 grams. Very light and compact by anyone's standards. She also commented on the "People Hub," designed with preloaded Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Chat, SMS and Groups for those who like to connect quickly with others.

A very quick processor with amazing speeds for Bing, Internet Explorer 9, HTML5 and of course, Wi-Fi.

The built-in camera is supported with auto focus, an LED flash and 5MP's. She has been taking pictures of everything she can, some of which are actually very good.

The touchscreen interface is seamless and quickly adjusts to the selected icon, making all of its features, a benefit. I strongly believe in buying only those things that offer a benefit, otherwise you are paying for things that you wont use.

My daughter has taken on a more responsible attitude towards life, as she knows the phone will be gone if she doesn't. I told her that I had to write an article in response to the phone, and her only request was that she be able to say thank you to Nokia for making such a cool phone with teenagers in mind. A very glowing recommendation if I don't say so.

Now, that is not to say that the Nokia Lumia 610 is only for teenagers, but if you get their approval for anything "tech," then that is a winner in my book. Who has not sat beside a teenager on a computer and been marveled at their competence on the gadget? I know I have. My kids love to surf the net for homework and related issues.

Thanks again to Telus for the test-drive of this wonderful phone.