Our Kitchen Reno A work in progress



N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal
The system that N-Hance is promoting for kitchen renewal is in a word, "Revolutionary." The initial consultation is painless and rather exciting. Garry Fair, from N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal services is available for a free in-home estimate. He will walk you through the design, selection and construction process. He gives you a realistic timeline on how your project will progress from start to finish. We are absolutely thrilled with the results and couldn't have asked for a simpler, cleaner, stress-free renovation.
The initial meeting with Garry was very casual. He arrived at our home at the timeframe that was convenient for us and brought with him a series of doors and colour samples to choose from. I am sure you could spend hours scouring the local stores trying to decide on which route to go with your kitchen project, but with the actual installer being in your home it seems an easier way to make your selection. Garry is able to get a feel for how we live, our style choices, our colour schemes and of course our hopes for the finished product. He is so knowledgable about his product. He made both my husband and I feel like we knew what we were doing.
We chose the latest trend colour, "espresso." With a large open concept kitchen, Garry said it would be a very rich, chic look and would be stylish for years to come. In actual fact, we ended up choosing the first colour he showed us. He made several worthwhile suggestions, both from a design standpoint as well as style. He suggested we move a cabinet over allowing for a larger continuous counter space, which in-turn also allows for a substantially bigger fridge should we decide to replace any of the appliances in the future. New stainless steel hardware makes the finished product look fantastic. We are so excited with the new-look kitchen.
Most of the work that Garry and his team provide is done off-site at their shop. They have a state-of-the-art workshop where the refinishing takes place. When they arrive in your home to complete the project, the doors are all ready to be reinstalled. The entire process is formulated to cut down on the mess and disruption associated with other kitchen renovation projects. We are currently awaiting an electrician to install new under cabinet lighting and the new glass tile backsplash should be put in sometime this week. Garry has been more than accommodating with us in regards to coming back and completing his portion of the job. He has a couple of trim pieces to install after the backsplash goes in. He says it has to be custom cut and put in place after, as all the tiles and adhesives vary in thickness. With the old kitchen, we never had light valance, Garry made up a customized version for us in red oak and stained it to match the new kitchen design. I must say, I'm chomping at the bit waiting to see the final reveal. I still have to make a choice in regards to counter-tops. Granite, Quartz, or an upscale laminate. The choices available are confusing.
Throughout the entire process I have not been the least bit stressed. I can attribute that to Garry and his team of professionals at N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal. They come with a huge recommend-ation from the WonderMoms family. You won't regret it!