Paisley The ShihTzu Dinner Choices


This Thursday will mark the one-year anniversary of the day we brought home our precious little Paisley. She has brought a whole new level of completeness to our busy family. She isn't what I would call needy. She is however, quirky, playful and very exuberant about everything that concerns her. As long as she is included in everything we do, Paisley is one happy little puppy.


Whether the girls are doing homework in their rooms, Paisley is there for moral support and a little tummy rub. Movie time requires that same level of ear scratching.

She entertains herself with her mini tennis balls, that is until they roll under the couch and she beckons you to retrieve them. As a good pet owner I relinquish what I am doing to make her playtime continue.

Her activity level is what I would call above average. She is forever running laps around the main floor of the house, chasing the kids, her toys and anything else she imagines is there.



When it comes to her food, we are very happy to be partnered with Purina Canada as Paisley was selected again to be a Purina Pet People Ambassador. With that honour comes responsibility to pet owners everywhere. Paisley is doing her part in trying all things Purina. She has developed an affinity for the Purina One Smart Blend Chicken and Rice Formula. Put the bowl down in front of her and she devours it within minutes. The fact that she drags her stainless steel bowl full of food from the kitchen to the family room is just another example of her quirkiness.

As an added treat we occasionally have taken to boiling baby carrots and mixing them in with her meal. Sliced up bananas and blueberries every now and then for additional nutrition. She knows just how spoiled she is as her momma wants to make her feel like a princess.

With the arrival of every new bag of Purina One Chicken and Rice, Paisley gets so wound up. She sees the bag at the front door and without any form of prompting; she goes a little bit squirrelly. Her antics are so hilarious, we knew we had to film it and let others see just how good this food is and how much she enjoys it.

All Purina products are made with the best intentions of health and happiness for your pets. With the chicken and rice formula, chicken is the first listed ingredient. Why? Because it's tastefully rich in protein and my dog loves it. The rice and other grains aid in digestion and overall health. Antioxidants work around the clock to provide a great blend of Vitamins E & A along with Zinc and Selenium for added support of your dog's immune system.

We look forward to posting more about our love affair with Paisley and Purina Canada in the year ahead. 2017 is sure to be a year to remember.

Purnia ONE SmartBlend https://www.purina.ca/brands/purina-one-smartblend/


Paisley's Instagram @paisleytheshihtzu

This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.