Parenting Has Its Challenges


Whether you live in the United States or Canada, there is no other time of year where family values, parenting, and balancing the time spent with family is more important. These are truly tested each day of the year. 

As a mother, wife and businesswomen, my challenges are still there throughout the rest of the year, be it with deadlines, school functions or daily meetings with clients. I find the need to prioritize these values more frequently during the end of the year.

My family will always come first, as I was a mother even before I went into business for myself. WonderMoms has given me the opportunity to work at my pace and to reap the rewards of my own hard work. With what I learn everyday from my business connections and clients, I try to utilize something in my own life. Being a good listener aids in becoming a better parent. We can all use a little guidance in what we do within the family.

Parenting skills for the most part are learned from trial and error. If I make a mistake, or don't get what my kids are trying to say, I know that I will always get a do over. That's the difference between parenting and dealing with clients. Make a mistake in business and you may not get another chance.

At the end of the day, we live for our children and try to instill the same belief system in them that we learned from our own parents. Coming from a very loving family has helped me to be a better mother.

Parenting has its challenges when it comes to being there for the soccer games, the trips to the mall or the visits to family members who live around the corner. I certainly don't claim to have a PHD in parenting, but we are creatures of habit and tend to repeat what works throughout our life. When a child is sick, we can pick up on the signs and make whatever adjustments to our day need to be made to make sure that the reason we do what we is satisfied.

I think the bigger challenge for me is having the "me time." I always make the sacrifices for my girls and my husband, leaving very little time for my own pampering. Maybe this month, there will be an epiphany within the home and I will finally get that weekend at the spa in the desert of Arizona. I always say, if you are going to dream, then dream big.

My little girls know that with the right amount of planning and desire, they can be whatever they want to be. I will probably end up with a horse trainer, a professional soccer player, a Barbie historian and a stand up comic. No matter what my kids want out of life, I will support them in their endeavors and continue to be the best parent that I can be.



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