Pine-Sol Traditional Value


With every passing year, I find myself looking forward to the holidays. A time when families gather around the table to celebrate with a great feast, lots of laughs and tell stories of the past...

Back when I was a teenager, I remember my own mother reminding me of how important times like these would be in years to come. I am sure that I rolled my eyes on more than one occasion. However, as is usually the case, my mother's wisdom always shines through, as I have a family of my own now and cherish these get-togethers more and more with each passing year.


The holidays are about tradition, both new and old. There is always a great deal of planning that goes into hosting family gatherings. The one thing you can't plan for though is the mess. As with all the holidays, the house is filled with a lot more people than normal and with that there is always a greater likelihood for additional messes. When it comes to cleaning up those messes, there is nothing more traditional than Pine-Sol.

I recall my parents showing up with a gift when I moved into my first place. Having just gotten the keys, I hadn't had any time to go in and clean. It was as if my mother's sixth sense was working overtime, as the gift contained a mop, a bucket and big bottle of Pine-Sol. According to her, that was all I needed to get the job done.


When it comes to my own family, I have stuck to mostly all of mom's traditions, including the continued use of Pine-Sol. Keeping the house clean and sanitary is always a chore with 4 growing children, 2 dogs, a fish and a turtle. As with all good products, the longevity of their success is contingent upon changing with the times. Most consumer goods go through a period of "refresh." In Pine-Sol's case, their refresh is just that: refreshing new scents.

My go-to fragrance for the kitchen will always be Lemon, as it makes for a long lasting citrusy smell reminiscent of freshly waxed floor. As for the high traffic areas, some of the newer scents work equally well. How about Lavender in the bedrooms or Sparkling Wave for the bathrooms?

There is also a fantastic new scent called Mandarin Sunrise, which I find to be equally appealing. No matter what your preference, the Pine-Sol family has got you covered. I just recently tried their new Squirt N' Mop, and as advertised, there was no bucket required. It worked great for a small, quick spill in the laundry room.

Any time we talk about family and traditional values, it is hard not to think about family-inspired cookbooks. One of the most epic things that I remember my mother doing for the family was sitting at her computer for days on end compiling hundreds of recipes handed down for generations. My great-grandmother, my grandmother as well as my own mother's recipes, some of which were written on parchment paper and tucked away inside a leather binder and used for years to cook some of the most memorable holiday feasts. Her intention from the very beginning was to put them into a very organized binder, complete with USB stick for handing out in the future to our own children.


All these years later, I still refer to this tome for almost every family gathering. It makes me feel amazing each and every time I peruse it, as it means that I am in my happy place. Those who know me, know I am at my happiest cooking up a magical meal for my family.

Traditions are more than just cookbooks though, as it can be other things handed down for generations. My mother used to use Pine-Sol in her kitchen and I use it in mine. My mother was a very smart woman and my father just as smart for always listening to her. To this day, when I smell that original Pine-Sol scent, I always think of my mother in her kitchen. That scent has the power to bring so many warm and comforting memories of holiday traditions rushing back.

So, whether you are planning for a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas extravaganza, or the most epic of Easter egg hunts, make sure you are always prepared to clean up afterwards with Pine-Sol.

This post is sponsored by Pine-Sol. With a strong heritage and long legacy, Pine-Sol is a long-standing tradition in many Canadian homes. Apart from the classic pine scent, Pine-Sol is also available in a variety of long-lasting scents - mandarin sunrise, lavender, lemon and sparkling wave. You can use different scents throughout your home to change the mood.