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Purina Launches A New And Improved Beneful Formula

Since becoming a Purina ambassador earlier this year, I have to admit that I have started to pay much more attention to the ingredients in our puppy's food. I really never paid it much attention before.

When in conversation with other pet owners, be it discussing their little fur babies photos on social media or running into them at the dog park, I find it quite surprising how in tune most people are with what their little ones are ingesting.

That is why it is equally important for the makers of Beneful to understand their customer and demographics.

They are launching a new formula of Beneful that recognizes the importance of real meat. It will be front and foremost the most important ingredient. Dog owners tend to believe that their pets are a true extension of who they are and how they want to be seen as pet owners. This is why real meat is now the #1 ingredient in Beneful dry dog foods (excluding Salmon and Healthy Smile recipes). They are taking what their customers have said to heart and even going ahead and excluding the ingredients that pet owners don't want. There will no added sugars in any of their new Beneful dry dog food recipes.

The fall launch of the NEW Beneful formulas should be very well received by dog owners as it gives us exactly what we are looking for. Their new and improved formulas have real beef or chicken as the primary ingredient. Mixed with accents of veggies, and no added sugar.

Purina and Beneful are also launching a new customer campaign called Real Conversations...

It's designed to get pet owners talking and engaging with Purina about what is truly important to them and their families.

The NEW Beneful means customers won't have to choose between really healthy food and food their dogs will really enjoy. The proof will be in raising healthy and happy dogs that are literally waiting at their dishes for that next meal. Purina and Beneful believe if you let real people speak for themselves, it will build a stronger bond with their customers.

I must admit that having a new puppy in the home has been very therapeutic for my family. Losing something that meant so much to so many was difficult.

Our little Paisley certainly has her cute little quirks and mannerisms. She tends to sleep upside down with her legs in the air and I must admit it is quite comical to see. She is always tilting her head when you speak to her, almost like she is saying "what?"

Mealtime is another story altogether...

She watches you while she eats, and if you happen to walk past her bowl, she will adjust her position to cover access to the bowl. It's like she thinks she has to protect her food. I find myself gigging every time. She has filled our home with a new sense of love.

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Real people. Real conversations. Real meat.

Healthful. Flavourful. Beneful.







This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.