Purina ONE Score


Purina is launching the new Purina ONE Score system to help Canadian dog owners monitor their dog's health and wellness.

The Purina ONE Score system is simple and easy to use. It measures the seven core areas of a dog's health. You are asked to rate each category on a sliding scale of 1 through 5 points, 5 being better for your dogs overall health. The system brings to light such things as Breath Smell, Dental Appearance, Energy, Appetite, Coat, Skin and the all-important Bowel Movement. It is not however designed to have you forgo your annual check-ups with the veterinarian. Understanding how important each one of these categories is to the overall wellness of your pet will no doubt make you a better pet owner. It may even make you notice potential problems before they become even bigger problems.


I am proud to be working with Purina ONE on their newest initiative as an Ambassador for dog owners far and wide. I know how important my little Paisley has become in our family. I will do everything in my power to see that she is healthy and happy.

A recent study of more than 1000 Canadian dog owners, conducted by Purina and Maru/Matchbox revealed that 91% of Canadian dog owners would be interested in some form of tool that would help them easily measure their dog's health. They developed the ONE Score system for exactly that reason. Surprisingly, the study found that less than one quarter of Canadians surveyed (22 percent) felt that their dog was extremely healthy.

For Purina, its not only about selling their product, its equally important to them that their customers understand just how much they care about your dogs too. The ONE Score system was developed with a panel of experts ranging from animal nutritionists to small animal veterinarians.

I asked my girls to rate our little Paisley. Surprisingly, the girls gave almost identical scores. They felt that she scored high in several areas, with very little concern about her overall health. Paisley is a very active, happy and healthy 1 year old. She scored 33 out of 35.

We will continue to feed her the Purina ONE Smartblend dog food that she absolutely loves.

For dog owners who love their little fur babies, take the Purina ONE Score survey and be honest about your pets overall health. They will appreciate the fact that you care so much and furnish you with unconditional love.

To download the ONE Score and learn more about the benefits of Purina ONE, visit purinaone.ca - HERE

Until next time, here's hoping your pet's health and wellness is a primary goal in your family's lives.



This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.