Scotch Brand Solution


Scotch Tape, there can be no substitute

If you have ever made the mistake of buying a lesser brand, you know what happened. Either the paper didn't stick properly or it let go before the present was opened. No-name branded tapes just don't measure up, and in many cases end up being tossed into the drawer to never again see the light of day. It can be very frustrating to say the least.

I have always been one to spend a little extra for quality items. I try to use that philosophy, both in business and my everyday life. So why should the purchase of office supplies be any different? The Scotch Tape brand of products is available in many different widths and lengths. There is sure to be something to fit every application.

WonderMoms has over the years made a point of partnering with brands that try to make a positive change in the lives of their customers. So often large corporations are all about the bottom line. It is very refreshing to see them as family friendly and caring about their customers.

Scotch Tape is embarking on a new brand initiative focusing on creating perfect moments out of the imperfect times in life. Their aim is to aid Canadians by easing stress and creating positive experiences from the not so positive.

Scotch Tape is happy to announce a partnership in support of Children's Aid Foundation and the launch of a Facebook application. The goal of which is to raise money for the foundation by asking Canadians how they use Scotch Tape to manage the chaos we encounter in our everyday lives. I can think of so many times I have had to rely on Scotch Tape in fixing the kids' art projects for school, or doing homework. If I could only get my little one to stop taping paper wings on the dog, that would be an accomplishment.

We all use Scotch Tape in different ways. Lets be creative and share your personal solutions. Canadians will be able to read what others have submitted and help raise money through the Facebook application "Share Solutions, Raise Spirits" at https://www.facebook.com/scotch/app_139167632894105. For every solution shared, Scotch Tape will make a $1.00 donation in support of the Children's Aid Foundation. It really is that simple, and who knows, we may just learn something.