Simplicity Principle. Your Bookkeeping by Chloe


As an independent businesswoman, my time is very important to me, as there tends not to be enough of it to go around. One of my admitted weaknesses is probably my bookkeeping talent. Having a mother who was an accountant, I would have thought some of that mathematical genius would have rubbed off on me.

I was recently introduced to a new accounting product designed to help with time management, records management and attention to detail. The product is called, The Simplicity Principle. A convenient new storage system featuring bookkeeping processes, financial reporting tools all rolled into a filing system. It's user-friendly language and simplified approach helps even the most disorganized business owner keep their finances on track.

If we can reduce time spent on paperwork, avoid hours of headache and frustration around tax season then this product is a win-win in my eyes. I am going to give it a try for a few months and will report back on its success.

I hope for my sake it works, as it would allow me more time with the family and less need for the proverbial headache medications.

The Simplicity Principle might just be the answer...