So Long Summer, Hello Fall


Fall is my favourite time of year. The trees have all changed colours and the leaves are beginning to fall in the yard. That is not to say, that I enjoy raking leaves; I just love the change of seasons and am excited for the Holiday Season ahead.

My girls were in the yard this past weekend, raking up the leaves from the large maple tree in our front yard. The only problem with that is that the neighbours have the same tree and obviously don't believe in raking. They just wait until the fall winds begin to blow them all into our yard and then we start the whole process over again. A simple thank you would suffice.

The one member of the family who absolutely loves the leaves is Paisley. It's amazing to me how so many quirky little things scare her or make her jumpy, but not the leaves. She enjoys running and jumping around in them. I guess that's actually a good thing, as the kids will stay out there with her until she gets tired. The fresh air makes for some very tired kids at days' end.

Fall is also the time of year where I find myself wanting to take long walks, and to go hiking. Kind of surprising actually, cause this girl doesn't do hiking. Maybe it is the fear of being cooped up inside all winter long, waiting for spring. Paisley on the other hand, she could do those trails from dawn until dusk and not think anything of it. So, in the end, I find myself spending more outdoor time with our puppy.

We all know how much Paisley loves her Purina Beggin' Strips. My youngest decided to play a little game the other day while out walking with the dog. I kept Paisley on the leash by my side and she walked about 40-50 feet ahead of us down the trail. She secretly hid some Beggin' Strips in amongst the leaves. It did not take her long to track down every last one. An amazing sense of smell, I must say.

Paisley loves to get dressed up in her warm and comfy sweaters to keep her warm while out for our walks. Just last week, I saw a pretty little parka, complete with fur collar and designed for little princesses like Paisley. Too much?

I look forward to next month's blog, as Christmas means more dressing up and lots of picture taking.

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This post was sponsored by Purina Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.