Somewhere Between Housework and Bliss


I am sure we can all agree the demands of motherhood are far more apparent and real when the kids are home from school for the summer holidays. Having four children at home and the requisite friends in tow, I find it even more difficult than normal to organize my day around their demands and wants. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as I love having my little ones around, but I find myself struggling for time to get any work done. Whether it's the housework, or the work that actually pays the bills.

Cleaning also needs to get done, the beds made and laundry to be washed. My secret is having a bottle of Lysol wipes in each bathroom. Therefore messes can be cleaned up instantly. Saturday mornings are a down day, I can get the upstairs looking spiffy with the help of these great cleaning products.

My time management has to be something of epic organization. At least once per week, I have tried to schedule some downtime with my girls and make the focus all about them. Whether that means the local water park, the soccer field, ice cream parlor or the library for story time; I try to make it all about them. I know the kids appreciate everything that we do for them, as they are always very appreciative and thankful.

The later bedtime for the kids does not give me any more time in the day to get my work done. I have devised a plan whereby I get up early with my morning tea and sit under the gazebo in the backyard for about an hour of uninterrupted "bliss." That one hour before they get up, I can get so much more done, as my focus is not on them and their demands on my time.

I must say though, my favorite past time, is sitting outside under said gazebo, and enjoying a fine glass of red or perhaps a nice cold beer with my husband. That in itself makes it all worthwhile. I so wish we lived in a climate where we could enjoy this year round. I will however take what I can get.

With the back to school flyers starting to arrive, we will be onto something completely different in the coming weeks. And the yearly cycle of motherhood will begin again.

I hope that everyone has had an amazing summer thus far; take the time to enjoy your kid's as there will come a day when they say that you are no longer cool enough to hang with.

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Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.