Stress Busters for Children


Managing stress can be one of the biggest challenges experienced by adults, but could you ever imagine that children can experience extreme levels of stress as well? Children, like adults also experience stress, though they do not have the means or skills to understand and manage that stress. Studies confirm that children also experience high levels of stress and may develop symptoms similar to adults.Parents often misunderstand the term when it comes to their children and easily overlook the early stages of stress development as signs of growth. Research indicates that mental illness can be exacerbated by several psychological and environmental factors which trigger high levels of stress. According to the Offord Centre for Child Studies, research shows that 50% of adults diagnosed with mental illness reveal its start before the age of 14. It is imperative for parents, caregivers as well as teachers to recognize stress in early stages and support the child affected.

Both negative and positive events can be the source of stress in a child. Family events are often categorized as negative stressors, such as single parenthood, chronic family conflict, loss of a job, or the death of a family member. Positive events such as planning their own birthday party or slumber party to caring for a new pet can result in stress. Sudden changes in behaviour should not go unnoticed. Withdrawal and nervousness or anger and attention seeking are common signs of stress, while some children are resilient and do not show any direct signs. Stress developed early in a child can result in long term repercussions such as health problems, self-harm, alcohol and substance use, legal infractions and other internal illnesses.
Childventures Early Learning Academy (Childventures), a network of leading childcare centres for preschool and daycare, incorporates a number of brain gym and yoga techniques into their curriculum to educate as well as show children appropriate ways of managing stress and anxieties. Childventures exercises the brain by incorporating entire body movements, exercises and processes. Practicing these specific sets of movements prior to a learning activity, not only enhance living but they also improve stability and mobility. These simple practices and techniques can reduce levels of stress and benefit children in multiple ways including academic success, psychological adjustment, and lower rates of substance abuse and self-harm.

About CHILDVENTURES EARLY LEARNING ACADEMY - ChildVentures was founded when Dr. Heidary was unable to find the high level of care he was seeking for his own young child. As a doctor he had read the research showing the importance of the formative early years and he was looking for something better than he found. As busy professionals with full-time careers, he and his wife were seeking a loving place with caring people, qualified educators and caregivers, great programs and curriculums designed to influence neurological development at specific ages, a sequential program of learning at each stage with measurement systems to track progress, a secure, safe, modern environment, beautiful classes and play areas, a fun, child-focused atmosphere that embodies play techniques, a strong nutritional component, teacher-to-child ratios congruent with learning and caring, parental involvement for continued success of the child, modern learning, monitoring and security technology. These are the elements found at ChildVentures in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Burlington and Ancaster.