Stress Busters in Children- Part Two


Stress Awareness-  Brain Gym/Yoga Techinques 

As National Stress Awareness Day falls on April 16, 2013, it is a great opportunity for parents, educators, and caregivers to get informed about early childhood stresses and become familiar with techniques that can reduce stress levels.
Childventures incorporates a number of brain activities which they have integrated by Brain Gym International in their everyday practices to reduce potential stresses and keep students calm and concentrated. These techniques help children to stay focused, be positive and assertive, set goals, boost self-esteem and help deal with disappointment.

* Brain Buttons - executing this exercise prior to a lesson or activity supplies freshly oxygenated blood to the brain as well as improves the flow. This enhances concentration skills necessary for reading and writing.

* Earth Buttons - stimulating the brain, this exercise relieves mental fatigue.

* Balance Buttons - activating the brain, this exercise is great for sensory awareness, emotional connection and gives an overall sense of well-being.  Cross Crawl - this exercise is great in coordinating the right and left brain. The information properly flows between the two hemispheres.

* Cook's Hook-Ups - this exercise is great to calm the nerves. It relaxes the mind and improves concentration.

* Positive Points - by practicing this exercise, children will be able to release emotional stress and respond more rationally to such situations.

Step by step processes of each exercise are available by request. Some additional simple activities to reduce levels of stress include the following:

* Drink Water - drinking lots of water can help keep a child healthy. With the brain estimated to comprise of 90% water, it is important to keep hydrated as we tend to perspire under stress, resulting in negative effects on a child's level of concentration.

* Reading Stories - A study completed at the University of Sussex indicated that reading can reduce stress levels by 68%. Childventures recognizes the importance of reading and encourages parents to read to their child twice a week to help overcome perceived effects of stress.

* Cuddles - A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Vienna shows that regular hugging can positively benefit health by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and also help to reduce stress.

About CHILDVENTURES EARLY LEARNING ACADEMY - ChildVentures was founded when Dr. Heidary was unable to find the high level of care he was seeking for his own young child. As a doctor he had read the research showing the importance of the formative early years and he was looking for something better than he found. As busy professionals with full-time careers, he and his wife were seeking a loving place with caring people, qualified educators and caregivers, great programs and curriculums designed to influence neurological development at specific ages, a sequential program of learning at each stage with measurement systems to track progress, a secure, safe, modern environment, beautiful classes and play areas, a fun, child-focused atmosphere that embodies play techniques, a strong nutritional component, teacher-to-child ratios congruent with learning and caring, parental involvement for continued success of the child, modern learning, monitoring and security technology. These are the elements found at ChildVentures in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Burlington and Ancaster.