The Shop Local Oakville Event


When you get to travel as much as I do, both for business and pleasure, you get to experience the big cities as well as the little towns. I feel totally blessed to be living in the Town of Oakville. Even though I was not born here, it still feels like home. A truly amazing place to raise a family. Nothing is more enjoyable on a warm summers eve than walking up and down the Lakeshore with a latte after spending time with friends at one of several wonderful restaurants, or perhaps taking a leisurely stroll past the boats sitting in the harbour. This is the type of community and atmosphere that Downtown Oakville provides. It has grown substantially over the years, however it is diligently working to keep the small town feel.

Downtown Oakville is home to some very upscale residences overlooking the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario and with that comes the need for the corresponding selection of stores and services at your fingertips. Personally, I would rather take the time to shop locally than heading out to the giant shopping malls, often to crowded to enjoy your shopping experience.


Shop Local Oakville is presented by The Yellow Pages Group.

Shop Local Oakville is promoting an upcoming event with the merchants of Downtown Oakville with an emphasis on creating a greater awareness of the products, services and retail stores it can offer the local community. The event is scheduled for February 9th and 10th. There will be more than 100 downtown businesses providing shoppers with exclusive deals or savings throughout the event. Why not take the time to give back to your community? The economic benefits that this creates are immeasurable. Shop Local aims to encourage support for local businesses, raise awareness of the importance of shopping within your own community and to highlight the positive effects it has on neighbourhoods. Past events sponsored by Shop Local have been a resounding success.

Shop Local matters to the community, as it aids support for small and medium sized businesses, which quite simply are the backbone of any close knit community or neighbourhood. They create jobs, attract consumers and play an integral role in knitting together the fabric of any successful, sustainable community.

The WonderMoms philosophy shines through very loudly in Downtown Oakville. We have always strived to create a community of inclusiveness, respect, value and oneness. You can show your support of your friendly local merchants by saving one or more planned purchases for the Shop Local weekend and take advantage of the great deals too. I, for one will be there on February 9th to do my part. I encourage everyone to take part and have a great time with family and friends while doing it. It may just surprise you how much Downtown Oakville has to offer.

Shop Local. Good for the wallet. Great for the neighbourhood.

"Shop Local is an initiative of Yellow Pages Group (YPG), a company with a century-long legacy of partnership with Canada's small and medium-sized businesses, helping them attract customers and contributing to the growth of local economies."

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