TELUS eRecycles

Last week in Toronto, our friends at TELUS put on an event designed to bring awareness to a new cell phone recycling program that they are rolling out.

They have been actively conducting market research to find out how Canadians feel about recycling. Their research results has prompted them to put forth a new cellular phone recycling program with rewards to consumers for their own good will in bringing in their old unused phones for instant credit towards an upgrade.

Research has found that 61% of Canadians would trade in their old devices to their carriers, but expect something in return for doing so. Also, 61% of Canadians say they have anywhere from 1-5 old cell phones lying around the home collecting dust. Our household is definitely in that category. I have always wanted to recycle my old cell phones, but never had an avenue to do so. The research also found that almost all Canadians are concerned about the environment and would hand them in if a properly designed and executed program for recycling was available. The biggest stumbling block in all of this however is, "I don't know how or where to take them."

TELUS has decided to be the leader once again and are implementing a new recycling program called, the TELUS Trade-In Program. When you bring in your old phone to a local TELUS retail outlet, they will instantly reward you with an in-store credit towards an upgrade to a hot new device. Whether you are interested in a new smart phone with all the latest gadgetry or just a simple upgrade, TELUS has something for every budget and taste.

Working in collaboration with eRecyclingCorps (eRC), TELUS is making its trade-in program available to all TELUS customers, both new and existing. As of Wednesday March 21st, customers can simply present their device at a TELUS store and will be offered a credit if the phone is recent enough that it can be refurbished or, if not, a donation of $3 to Tree Canada in their name toward the planting of a tree for each unit recycled. Customers can trade in up to three (3) phones mobile Internet keys or mobile Wi-Fi devices (with a maximum combined value of up to $200). Credits will be applied to device or accessory costs for a new activation or renewal at time of trade-in.

This great new program makes it very easy for customers to get credit toward the purchase of the latest phones and accessories while safely keeping their old phones out of landfills. A great number of our population consider themselves as tech gurus and are always using the latest gadgets, thereby switching their phones often. It is with this mind, we must strive to make a difference for future generations, by not leaving them with a potential environmental time bomb.

WonderMoms is very proud of TELUS for taking the lead on this very worthy program. It takes great discipline and determination to step up and make a difference. We admire any corporation who steps up to become a good steward of the environment. It's not always about the money. This is a feel good moment for TELUS, and for that they should get all the kudos and high fives that they deserve. These programs cost them money to implement and maintain, but they are moving forward with it anyways, because it is the right thing to do.

TELUS has always been committed to delivering a fair, transparent and reliable customer experience by continuing to make friendly changes to services and rate plans. Recent initiatives include such things as:

* Clear and Simple rate plans with no system access and carrier 911 charges
* Flexible data rate plans to avoid bill shock
* Free SMS data usage notifications
* Device unlocking services
* International roaming rates that have been reduced by up to 60%
* Redefined device ownership, making easier upgrades possible

So, if you have been mulling over the idea of a sleek new cell phone, let TELUS pay it forward and reward you with a credit towards such phones as the NOKIA Lumia 800, a phone we have been test driving for a couple of weeks. Pretty slick device if I you ask me.

Read more info here TELUS