The Paleo Diet by the Canadian Paleo Athlete


Do you want to eat healhty, lose some weight and learn about the Paleo diet? Steve from Canadian Paleo Athlete was kind enough to share this video. The Paleo Diet (an Introduction for Beginners) for our WonderMoms readers. 



First Off, Thanks to Tamara for asking me to guest post on her blog! I was more than excited to put together a short video for her viewers that explains to people about the Paleo diet.

I've been Paleo for almost two years now. I found the paleolithic diet back when I was in dire need to lose weight.

I've always been active and was confused why I wasn't losing weight? (At the same time, slowly gaining)

I also found sports like running and baseball becoming harder to do. I thought, "surely there's gotta be an easier way?"

Since the start of Paleo (and marathon training) I've lost a little over 40lbs and have never looked back.

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