The RCSS brings family and food together

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to cook. Cooking for me, especially in my brand new kitchen is somewhat therapeutic. I find that when left alone in my happy place, I become more inspired, and more willing to try new things. With a husband and four kids to feed, I have yet to hear any complaining.

Many a night, I can be found armed with my iPad and a glass of cabernet experimenting with new ingredients, herbs and spices in hopes of perfecting old family recipes. My mother compiled a massive number of recipes over the years and even constructed a very expansive cookbook for all the women in the family. I use the tome more than once a week, perhaps in part to remember my late mother, or to reminisce about wonderful family gatherings. I can only hope that my own children follow in my footsteps and have a love of food and cooking. Their own families will be very lucky if they do.

The Real Canadian Superstore has produced a very inspirational, heart-warming video, sure to draw on the heartstrings of all who view it. I must admit, I have watched it several times over and get teary eyed each and every time.
With this in mind, the video release will emphasize their commitment to uniting people through all of their favourite tastes of home.

The RCSS truly believes that family is the secret ingredient to any special meal. Why else do we put so much time and effort into making holiday gatherings all about family? They felt so strongly, they took the time to unite 3 of their own associates with their families.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend approaches, I will take this opportunity to unite my own family for a special meal. It will be wonderful to see my niece and nephew who will be home from university. The least I can do is provide them with some home cooked goodness.