Thousands of Canadians are dealing with IVF every year


With the holiday season over and done with, it seems as good a time as any to think about new beginnings. As we make our New Years resolutions and try to start the year dreaming of prosperity and good thoughts for friends and family, we should also think about those around us who are struggling to start a family.

Conceivable Dreams is an organization that specializes in trying to promote in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to those who may be dealing with infertility. It is a condition that affects more people than you think. Thousands and thousands of Canadians are dealing with this every year. The costs associated with IVF are in some cases cost prohibitive for the average parent to be. Our governments have been lobbied for years about funding such initiatives, with no real success.

The Province of Quebec have relented to the positive pressures put forth by people like Conceivable Dreams, and have for the past few years been paying for the treatments. There are some real benefits to the funding process, such as a reduction in overall health care costs related to childbirth. For those who try to go it alone, and pay their own way for IVF treatments they are often met with a huge invoice that many cannot afford to pay. Considering that each treatment costs thousands of dollars, many make the decision to try to fertilize more than one egg. The cost is the same, so why not make the gamble a little more in your favour? A greater chance of success with the more eggs fertilized. Seems only logical to think this way.

However, many are met with the surprise of multiple births. Twins and triplets are very common through IVF treatments and with that there are several very serious possible side effects, such as premature births, respiratory issues and diseases. When preemies are born weeks early the associated costs for health care often outweigh the costs of the IVF treatments themselves. Assuming that as fact, we can also assume that funding implementation would also result in cost reductions related to having a baby.



Many couples that take their chances with IVF suffer financial hardships for years to come, as the costs can be overwhelming. And all they really want is to be parents. I personally think that as a mom, everyone should have the same opportunities. Parenting should not be reliant upon ones income and bank account.

With funding for IVF, all wannabe parents would be able to consider the pros and cons of multiple egg fertilization. If they were able to take the emotional response out of the equation, then more women would be inclined to take the advice of their obstetrician and only fertilize what is needed.

If we can reduce the costs of hospital stays, premature birthing, respiratory issues and surprise multiples we can no doubt make funding more appealing to the governments who must decide its validity.

I am sure that several members of the provincial legislature have either lived through infertility, or know of someone who has and with that I respectfully ask them to consider looking at this more closely. The clock is ticking for several wannabe parents. Lets aid them in making this dream come true without breaking the bank doing it. If you have the opportunity, contact your local MPP and voice your opinion. It certainly can't hurt.


Disclosure: I am a valued member of the Conceivable Dreams blog team.