Tips for Your Tweens


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We have all been hearing a lot more of about bullying lately. More and more videos have been made for the IT GETS BETTER MOVEMENT, but the thing that really struck me was Twitter hastag

If you have followed it over the last week you would see that most are responding to the negative self images they had of themselves. I commend the action, but also wonder if that encouragement could be passed on to the others that need to hear it now? It's wonderful that so many are taking steps to change the way self image is portrayed around us, but I also think it's important to give encouragement to our children. I think Katy Perry hit's the nail on the head with her new song Firework. Although there are strong messages in the video for it, it's the lyrics in the song that are what inspired me to write this. Please have a listen and let your tweens know that they have that spark too.

Lisa McDonald is mother to one son, works full time and part time, is an
organizer of women's group, & Co-Host of Me-Fest - so you know time
management is TRULY important to her.

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