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Toilet Tissue... I Mean Issue

It all started with a tweet about taking boys to the washroom. This has always been a problem as Mom with a Son and using public restrooms.

As most Moms do, I took my son to the ladies washroom when he was young. As he got older I really appreciated the Family Washrooms in most public venues.

Now things are different. My son is twelve and the same height as me. He no longer wants to walk into the Family Washroom with his Mom (and I know he's not going anywhere near the Ladies restroom). Truthfully I'm happiest when the issue comes up & there's only Port-A-Pottys, because I can open the door, give it an "ALL CLEAR", he can go in & I can stand right infront of it.

Now other public places are always a puzzle. I have to ponder whether its okay to let him go in by himself.

So far I've given Thumbs Up to
Family style restaurants (where I have been basically watching who has gone in & come out the whole time I was there)
Places like Chuck E Cheese where everyone is tagged going in & out (but I hover by the doors)
Small size retail outlets (again I hover)
Fast Food places that have small washrooms (& truthfully I always hover, but don't tell him that)
Local arenas where I know most everyone there (hover, hover, hover)
Movie theatres (mostly because we don't have time to argue it out after the mad dash after the movie is over)
I would give the library a yes, if we ever went there anymore (but I'll save that for another post)
The Thumbs Down list is longer

Large stores with several stalls (because it's hard to hear while hovering)
Food courts in shopping malls
Amusement Parks
Parks with facilities
NHL arenas (or any large pro sports venue)
Outdoor festivals that don't have Port-A-Pottys
Gas stations
Basically anywhere that it's hard to hear what's going on, or where he can end up in a lineup (because then I'd have to gauge how long the lineup is infront of him & worry that much more)
Now these are just my choices & I'm sure everyone chooses based on gut feelings. Don't think I haven't stood outside the door asking my son "Is everything okay in there" & breathe a sign of relief when I hear "Yeah I'm just washing my hands now".

Thankfully I have a strong bladder otherwise I'd have the issue of where should he wait while I visit the Ladies Room.

I'd love to hear how you handle (or have handled this situation)

Lisa McDonald is mother to one son, works full time and part time, is an
organizer of women's group, & Co-Host of Me-Fest - so you know time
management is TRULY important to her.

You can always find Lisa on Twitter at http://twitter.com/those2girls