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Travel with Ease
My desire is to pack up the family this winter and fly off to a sandy warm exotic resort, - ok, I am dreaming. Really, Disney would do. We were on a wonderful cruise last January and would absolutely love to have another fabulous getaway as our Canadian winters are pretty long and harsh. Could this be reality, maybe? I can tell you my little secret...it is shopping. Have you heard of the new TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express?  Rewards baby, rewards. Cash back rewards to be specific. I shop and I earn cash back - what could get any better than that? Oh right, the vacation. 

I have four girls and we drive from soccer to choir to school, all over. By simply using my TrueEarnings Card, I am one step closer to my dream vacation. When I use the Card, I can earn 2% cash back at the gas station. I simply fill up the car on a weekly basis and come January when the snow is falling, I will receive my cash back from the TrueEarnings Card and can plan that escape to a sunny destination. 
All those trips to Costco, can also pay off. I guarantee every trip to Costco is a $200.00 trip. I do have good intentions to pick up the necessities - milk, bread, paper towels. With the fantastic deals and knowing it is close to Halloween, I am stocking up on candy and decorations and all the extras, but now I am also gaining rewards with this great program.

I will be using my TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express throughout the holiday season to earn added cash back rewards for another big purchase, as we always like to plan ahead. Maybe make that dream vacation reality, after all.



This blog was sponsored by our friends at American Express.