American Express TrueEarnings Card

Is it just me, or are there too many credit card reward programs out there? The answer can be rather complex. The reason for the numerous rewards programs is because as consumers living with different needs and wants, we utilize the cards that we find appropriate. This can cause your wallet to bulge for all the wrong reasons. Whether you collect points when filling up your gas tank or grocery store loyalty rewards, they all offer something that we find useful. The very nature of a rewards card is to create a sense of loyalty and sensitivity to what the brands that we are purchasing have to offer. The products obviously have a use in our busy lives.

I asked myself recently, "why do I need all these cards, there is no more room in my wallet?" When we began our journey with the TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express, I decided to just use one card and benefit from its repetitive use. Everyone likes to get free stuff. Why not let that one card work for you and get those rewards much faster? The TrueEarnings Card offers cash-back rewards with every purchase you make. My very smart grandfather once said,"remember to pay yourself first." That is the point I'm trying to make. If I am buying the gas and the groceries anyway, then I intend to maximize my return and pay myself first with every swipe of the card.

This card pays you from the very first time you use it. It really is that simple. Canadian consumers are not your cookie-cutter variety. We are smart enough to realize a good deal when one is presented and that is why this card makes sense. Rewards programs don't have to be difficult to figure out.

According to a recent study by Altitude Marketing Research Inc., nearly 90% of Canadians participate in at least one loyalty rewards program. Each program has different redemption preferences and can be rather complex to follow if you are enrolled in several at once. The folks at American Express recognized that every cardholder is unique and could benefit greatly with one card that gives back with every purchase made. Again, how simple is that?

The cash-back customer tends not to be interested in, or focused on, travel rewards. They usually maintain a higher credit score, don't carry a credit card balance and more times than not, are cash/debit spenders. This makes for very rational purchases rather than those who purchase with emotion.
The TrueEarnings Card is just the card for that type of shopper - padding the bottom line at the end of the year. For years I used to refer to Costco as the "hundred dollar club." It didn't matter how much I tried, I just could not get out of there without reaching that magic number. The deals on buying in bulk were just too good to pass up. That still rings true today. The difference now being that I am going to benefit every time I walk through their aisles.

Accelerate your rewards with eligible gas purchases (2%), nights out on the town can get you (3%) on eligible restaurant purchases. If you are a Costco Executive Member, the TrueEarnings Card holder receives (2%) cash-back on all of their Costco purchases, redeemable for goods and services at Costco on their anniversary date. To make sure that consumers are getting full value on this card, they have not capped the reward eligibility. The more you spend, the more you save. I love this card. I just have to remember to be the rational consumer and not the emotional one.

I must go now, as the Costco TrueEarnings Card is calling me. To find another pair of shoes like this.



This blog was sponsored by our friends at American Express.