We all need to unwind and have family time


As a mother of four, business owner and wife, it is easy to understand how and why I sometimes feel as if I am spinning my wheels. It is an enjoyable, yet sometimes frustrating struggle to keep my family organized while still managing my commitments to my clients and work. My children are all very independent, which helps enormously when it comes to getting things ready in the morning for school, after school for soccer practice or in the evening prepping lunches.

To say that this girl enjoys her family time would be the understatement of the year. I am fuelled whenever a planned family gathering comes together, be it a day out at the park, a night at the movies or a quiet night in watching a movie and eating popcorn. Date night with my husband is equally enjoyable as he works at odd hours and his career is very demanding.

We decided a long time ago, that with our busy schedules it was important for us to try to dedicate a night a week for family time. We tried "game-night" for a few weeks playing sports on the big screen in the family room. It was awfully fun, however, I also realized just how competitive I was and didn't like to be schooled by my children. Yelling at the TV and having everyone laughing at you was rather comical.

Just recently we have begun to watch a televised dance competition. My girls sit quietly, yet anxiously awaiting the judges' results and then argue with each other over who was right and who was wrong. During the summer months, we spend a great deal of time in Muskoka at the cottage. Whenever the weather decides not to cooperate, we end up indoors playing cards, watching videos, reading or playing board games. As a child, one of my favourite games was The Game of Life. The latest iteration of that same game is now electronic, complete with debit cards and a swipe machine.


McCain Products - dessert cakes

It's very important to appreciate the quality time that we spend together as a family, as our kids grow up way to fast. No matter what your family gatherings entail, it is also important to have comfort food on hand to quieten down the crowds.

McCain's Deep ‘n Delicious cakes are one such food. They are ready to eat in a matter of minutes. There are several flavours to choose from, enough to satisfy most everyone. Cakes are a family favourite among my little ones. The fact that I don't have to make a mess in my kitchen is an added bonus.

So that there are no arguments, I usually purchase more than one flavour. The chocolate is a staple in my home with either the carrot cake or apple caramel cake a close second.

For those fun and memorable evenings with the kids, remember to stock up on the Deep ‘n Delicious Cakes. Take the time, make the time and spend some quality time with those you love...

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