We Are a Happy Family


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Today was another normal day at the grocery store. I had my four girls with me. Sometimes, like today, things run smoothly. Other days can be a struggle, but honestly who doesn't struggle with kids at a grocery store.

Today we were followed around by a most unhappy shopper, you know the one that stares and glares at your every move, and does the continuous eye roll. The one that no matter how good the service will find something wrong. She was at the check out beside us, and again, the huffing and puffing. We walked away and my darling 8 year old daughter over heard her count out loud, OMG there is four of them. She was somewhat upset and we had to discuss the fact that they are not circus freaks, largely because there are four beautiful girls in tow when we go shopping when daddy is at work.

I am use to the comments; here are some I answer frequently.

1. Yes, they are all mine.

2. Yes, they have the same father (no, seriously, the same father).

3. No, we were not trying for a boy.

4. No, I am not planning on having anymore children.

Other times, the comments aren't worth repeating.

This woman treated them like heads of cattle...one, two, three, four while counting their heads. They are not cattle, my goodness they are children.

Next time you see a large family, stop and think of the children first and what their feelings are. We are not a circus, we are a loving family with four beautiful girls and feel very blessed with what God gave us.

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