Wealth, it means more than just money


Wealth can be defined in so many different ways. For some, wealth means, a healthy family life, full of love and understanding. Special times together breed a wealth of spirit.

For most of us, wealth can be defined monetarily. Whether that is through investment vehicles like RRSPs, savings accounts, GICs, stocks and bonds or just a jar full of change in the bottom of your closet. No matter how you decide to grow that wealth it is always advisable to speak to someone who deals with it everyday.

I recently attended a dinner hosted by TD Bank of Canada whose focus for the evening was women and wealth. TD has launched "Your Story, Your Future," to meet the unique investment and wealth management needs of women. They recognize that, while women are the primary influencers in the family when it comes to daily spending there is also a lack of support for women when it comes to managing their investable assets.

There are some very staggering statistics that may shock even the shrewdest of female investors. Women influence $1.3 trillion (yes, trillion) of Canadian investable assets. Women, as entrepreneurs account for 4 out of 5 new business ventures in Canada. They also represent nearly half of the active Canadian labour force. They are also very intelligent too, accounting for the majority of undergraduate and graduate degrees earned in Canada. And the one fact that I am eagerly hoping to try out is, on average they are living to 83 years of age and retiring at the young age of 58.

It has also been said that at some point in every woman's life she will be the sole decision maker when it comes to financial decisions of the home. And with only 3 in 10 women having an organized financial plan, it is highly recommended to seek professional advice to maximize return.

With TD's Your Story, Your Future they will provide a friendly, comfortable and pressure-free environment in dealing with clients. They offer client workshops and materials to provide a unique investing experience for women investors as well as meeting the preferences and needs of female business owners and professionals.

They will help instill in clients the importance of being confident and educated when making such life decisions while aiding you in achieving your lifelong financial goals. Both sexes are equally affected by life transitions such as marriage, divorce and widowhood, but with TD Bank on your side, your financial future is very bright.


Are you interested in the "Your Story, Your Future" seminar?  You can ask any TD Bank Manager about the program, they can hold a small group session for you and friends in your community. Contact vanessa.iarocci@td.com