What is it that makes for a Heart Smart Family?


The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has asked that question hoping to spark a conversation about what we do in our everyday lives to make us think about being just that, a “Heart Smart Family.”

To me, the term brings so many different possibilities to the table.  A “Heart Smart Family” would be a family who lives by a certain set of values and beliefs, which would include which meals, beverages, snacks, or lifestyle they tend to emulate.

There is a certain level of craziness that can be attributed to having four very active children and a husband who works long hours.  I am very cognizant of what my family consumes throughout the day, whether that be planned meals or stopping for snacks between classes or meetings.

Both of my parents have suffered through heart conditions. For those of you who have experienced similar twists of fate, then the accompanying blog passages are for you.

I am not naïve enough to think that, “this couldn’t possibly happen to me,” or “that things like that only happen to others.”  Two very wise parents who instilled in me, the virtues of eating right and looking after oneself, brought me up.  I pride myself on making sure my girls eat healthy, stay active and take care of themselves, both physically and mentally.  Getting the girls to soccer practice and games is a full time job in and of itself.

That doesn’t mean that my kids don’t enjoy eating things like popcorn and candy.  It just means that I actively try to keep a balance between the “good intake” and the “bad intake.”  We are all susceptible to sickness and disease, no matter how well we think we are prepared.  But lets be honest, life has this habit of throwing curves at us and making us question our beliefs and the way we live our lives.

My family knows that I will be on their butts if they don’t stay active throughout the day, whether that be playing in the yard, riding their bikes or walking to the park.  They also know that I will ride them if they don’t balance what they eat.  Since a very young age, my girls have been exposed to fruits and vegetables.  As much as they want, and whatever types they want.  If we are at the grocery store and one of my kids says, “hey Mom, can I try this,” you can be rest assured at the end of the shopping trip it ends up in the cart.  I for one will never stifle their desire to try new foods.

WonderMoms has for several years been a big supporter of everything the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada stands for.  I believe they are the proverbial “guardian angel” atop our shoulders.  They believe wholeheartedly in their cause and are always actively soliciting our ear.  We all know someone affected by heart attacks and stroke. 

They are launching this week, a new entity designed to capture our attention on a more regular basis.  Once per month, they are looking to email us the latest findings on heart disease and stroke.  If for no other reason than to make us more informed; count me in.

I see no problem in reading or receiving information from anyone who potentially can save my life or the lives of my loved ones.

I encourage everyone who cares about him or herself, and those around them to sign up to receive this email newsletter.  It will be chalk full of informative tidbits designed to keep us ahead of any potential sickness or disease.

There will be recipes the whole family will enjoy, online tools and apps to aid us in acting and eating healthier, as well as, stories full of inspiration and hope.  Monthly videos relating to better health and wellness will also be part of the portfolio.

If we actively treat our bodies and minds with care, we are sure to be rewarded over the long haul.

So, WonderMoms urges everyone to sign up and keep fit.

*WonderMoms has been compensated as part of a social media outreach, to help this important cause. "all opinions are my own"