What you should know about car washes



What you should know about car washes
Everyone loves a clean car (if you don't you should probably just stop reading this now).

We live in a society where time is precious. How we spend it, where we spend it and with whom we spend it is a top priority, which is why running to the car wash is the most popular decision when it comes to cleaning your car.

It's important to ask yourself if short term convenience is more important than long term sustainability?

What I mean by that is... is it worth choosing the car cleaning short cut now, only to face the repercussions later? Well that's what can happen when choosing a 4 minute drive thru car wash over a 12 minute hand wash.

How it Works

When you use a drive thru automatic car wash, the water is typically re-circulated salt water with a ph level through the roof and sodium level off the radar. Why is this bad? Because this can be damaging to your paint, and body, salt water can settle at the bottom of your doors causing erosion and rusting from the inside out. The other thing to remember, is if you use the automatic car washes they all have moving brushes, be it soft cloth or plastic bristles they do all collect grime/sand/dirt and debris off dirty vehicles and keep spinning onto your vehicle causing swirl marks and scratches. Your best bet is to avoid these all together.

Your best decision is to use hand washing by a proper detailer who only uses fresh water on your vehicle. Choose someone who cares about your vehicle and will treat it as their own because they see you as a valued client, not a transactional customer.

If you have any further questions on car cleaning, car detailing, or anything car care related, feel free to reach out...we're always willing to help.

Your friend,

Todd Wirtz