Dad Is In Charge

I have never taken her for granted...and don't plan on starting now

Over the past several months, WonderMoms, also known as my significant other, the mother of my children and the true blue love of my life has had some very wonderful opportunities come her way. In November, there was the LA trip to the Los Angeles Auto Show with Ford Motor Company. In early December, there was the amazing trip to BC for the winery and spa tour with the girls, courtesy of Telus.

And lastly, there was the trip to Florida to visit relatives for a very special 50th Wedding Anniversary party, and as luck would have it, my parents were there also. The goal as a family would have been for all 6 of us to go to Florida, but with the cost of airfares alone as a deterrent, not to mention all 4 kids in school, I made the decision to stay home and take care of the little ones.

I, in no way want what I am about to say to be misconstrued as complaining, so please read with an understanding that I am in fact very proud of her and wish nothing but good things for her in everything that she does.

The point that I am trying to make is, how in gods name does she do it? What I am referring to is, operating a very successful business, which I know from listening to her, she absolutely adores being part of, and also being able to run a very organized household with such apparent ease. I, on the other hand seem to be running about with my hair on fire. No hair jokes from you Craig!!

It always seems that mothers have this sixth sense about what the kids really need and for the most part us dads seem to be clueless half the time. That is not meant as a dig to fatherhood, it just seems to me that the women have their "shit together."

I know that in my house, I'm usually the one that goes, "oh, you like it done that way," or, "when did you start doing it like that." I guess the fact that I work away from the home, it is easy to have that lost feeling sometimes. WonderMoms, always has things in control.

When she was away last week in Florida, I was one on one with the 4 little monkeys. I thought to myself, how do I make this fun and original, so as not to have them bored and thinking, if we tie daddy up we can have the run of the house.

So here goes...first on Friday afternoon, I picked them up from school like I normally would if I were home. Then it was off to the movie store to get a flick for the evening, their choice. One less headache, than if I had chosen it for them. Grocery store for added supplies, such as, popcorn, gummie bears and juice boxes. I was not taking any chances, like getting home and realizing I had forgotten something. Friday night went off without a hitch.

On to Saturday, the morning was a blast, we had about an hour of television together in our room before going downstairs for breakfast. Mission accomplished. Lunch was their favourite penne pasta with parmesan cheese.

Dinner consisted of pizza and bread sticks along with a carbonated beverage, yes it was a coke. Just don't tell WonderMoms, or my proverbial ass will be grass. We all know how mothers are with soft drinks. I was just trying to stay alive with my 4 little monkeys beginning to conspire against daddy for the Sunday schedule.

Late on Saturday, we ventured over to the new Yogurty's frozen yogurt store for a family meeting. They had an amazing time putting their own yogurt favourites together into one bowl. The plan there was to keep them occupied for at least an hour. When we arrived home shortly thereafter, I surprised them by telling them we were in fact having a campout in mommy's room. We loaded up the DVD player with the complete second season of Glee and proceeded to dance and sing together like complete kids, daddy included.

Sunday was pretty much the same, time spent around the house playing games and watching Glee over again. For dinner, we ventured out to a restaurant with very little hassles. Who knew, keep the little pirates occupied and they will behave like the wonderful children you hope they would be. Sunday bedtime, was pretty straight forward, showers and baths, school books out, lunches packed and off to bed. I do believe I hit the sheets about 10 minutes after they did. No joke, I was absolutely exhausted.

Monday rolled around again and it was business as usual, up for school, breakfast, teeth brushed, hair brushed, coats on and into the car. Mission accomplished. I immediately went home and began laundry. No way was I going to let this get ahead of me too. After school pick up and off to kids cooking class until 5 pm. Home again, make dinner, baths and showers, jammies on, clothes out, homework done, lunches made, bedtime stories and low and behold, off to bed. Again, I think I was about 10 minutes behind them.

Thank god WonderMoms was coming home on Tuesday evening, completely relaxed, rejuvenated and rested. I, on the other hand, was exhausted.

Mommy got home with great fanfare. Every one of the girls was head over heels excited to see her, me included. Thank god you are home, I am freakin' beat!!

This experience is something I wouldn't change for the world, as I had a blast and I know my girls did too. The point I am trying to make is, how do you women make it seem so damn easy and put together. It always appears so planned and organized.

This is not the first time that I have been alone with the girls, it is however, the longest time alone. Usually, my parents are around to assist me, but as I said before, WonderMoms was in Florida having dinner with them.

I was never so happy to go back to work. Welcome Home dear, please don't ever go away again!!!!!!