Whispers From The Soul

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Throughout our lives we often come to crossroads where we need and seek information about a particular situation. Sometimes the guidance is slow in coming and sometimes the answers we receive are unclear. When we are emotionally attached to a particular outcome the information that comes is often "off" or cloaked in wishful thinking. We lack clarity, objectivity and confusion surfaces. We get stuck


Have you ever spent time with a friend and whispered to them, "I want your opinion about a situation in my life?" We have all asked that question more then once. Now imagine asking your questions to a universal source of wisdom and receiving guidance and answers from its perspective through a channeling session.


As a Channel, I am a conduit for a group of non-physical entities who call themselves The Tribunal. My job is to tune into their specific vibrational frequency, pay attention to their answers and report back to you the information I am receiving in reference to your questions. A channeled reading is different from a psychic or intuitive reading in that the information is coming directly from universal sources rather then being read off of the energy field of an individual.


Who are The Tribunal? They are a group of twelve intergalactic beings, a collective of universal wisdom and consciousness from a non-physical reality. Some of them have had an earthly experience and others come from different dimensions and galaxies. They pool together their wisdom and speak as one voice to offer guidance and understanding when you need it most. They have come forward to help us grow in understanding of who we are and to help us on our life journey.


What kind of questions can I ask?  The purpose of channeling is to receive and deliver insight, wisdom and teachings specific to you on any issue or circumstance.  Questions most frequently asked fall in into the categories of relationships, finances, career, world events, health, spirituality, past lives and day to day matters. Any issue or concern can be addressed. What do you want to know?


Many people ask me how I came to be a Channel. I believe that each of us has this ability but not all choose to develop it. Several years ago, when I began my journey of inner healing and personal transformation, I shifted into a place of inner peace and love. The clearer I became with who I am as a spirit living in a physical body, the more open I was to receiving messages and guidance from other realms. The Tribunal say they chose me to be their conduit and deliver their messages because of my unique offerings. As a result, we have formed a beautiful and loving partnership assisting people to live their lives to the fullest and to be open to all possibilities.


Esther Bartkiw is a Channel, Holistic Psychotherapist, Speaker and Author. For more information on channeling visit www.whispersfromthesoul.com or www.changefromwithin.ca.