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The aspiration of our new Community Pay it Forward Campaign is to contribute towards the enhancement of educational environments, sports teams, dance studios, retirement living centres, essential services, charities, animal rescues and shelters in our community.

We are very excited to be teaming up with Wondermoms.ca as our very first partnership in our Community Pay it Forward Campaign.

For all WonderMoms.ca followers, CPC will make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada with every bag of pet food purchased. This is a wonderful opportunity to "Pay It Forward" to a great organization whose goal is to eradicate heart disease and stroke.

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Nearly five years ago, I separated from my husband of 11 years - my best friend and partner in everything since 1991. My son had just turned four.

I started tossing around the standard phrases like, "we grew apart," and "it's amicable."

I don't really know what happened (go figure, it's a little complex). It didn't work anymore, so we stopped being a couple. It was the right thing to do.

At the time, I didn't think all that much about what the future would look like. It was more about changing the present. I had no idea that five years later my son would have this other life that I know little about. That he would have siblings that I didn't give birth to.

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The smartest sun-kissed beauties know two things: the importance of wearing daily sun protection, and how to get their glow on without damaging sun exposure.
Mineral-based products are a hot trend in the cosmetics industry. As more consumers strive to lead healthier lifestyles, botanicals or mineral-sourced ingredients in food and personal care products continue to gain huge popularity.
Minerals have also become popular in cosmetics because they have a lightweight texture and provide luminosity and radiance to
the skin.

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What to do to prevent gremlins in your gadgets

Have you ever wondered what happens when the power cuts out, or dips a little?

When the lights come back on, you look around the room to see everything is back to normal, right?

Not so fast.

What you may not realize is that little change in power can do a lot of damage to your office technology.

Have "gremlins" invaded your gadgets? Do they take on quirky personalities of their own?

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Do you suffer horribly during pollen season? Are you forced to give away your pet due to allergy? Does the severity of your child's allergy frighten you?
Well, what we do is rebalance your body so that you can take a walk in the springtime without the fear of sneezing, so you can buy that puppy your family has been so desperately wanting, so that you don't have to worry about your child going to a friends when he's deathly allergic to nuts.

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