Interview with Erica Ehm

Our very own WonderMom Tamara McPherson is on the prowl -- searching for WonderMoms within our communities.  Watch for her upcoming interviews with fierce women who give back and support our Mom
Communities!  If you know of a WonderMom in your community, let us know!

WonderMoms’, Tamara McPherson recently interviewed Erica Ehm of the Yummy Mummy Club on Motherhood, Life Balance and her brand new book, “The Mischevious Mom At The Art Gallery”!


Erica Ehm was our first Wonder "Mom" interview, currently she runs a very busy national Mom's on line magazine called The Yummy Mummy Club, Erica is married with two beautiful children. She has an extensive background, from songwriter, actor, playwright, TV host.

Watch more on the Wonder "Mom" interview to find out more about her newest adventure "The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery"