Your Bookkeeping Solution


As an entrepreneur and busy mom, it is of utmost importance to manage my time and energies in accordance with their importance in my everyday life. I was asked several months ago to review an accounting product designed around making records keeping a snap. The Simplicity Principle by Chloe is just that product. It incorporates state of the art accounting practices and filing systems that are very easy to navigate and are equally easy to understand too.

It breaks down expenses, revenues, bills and receipts and shows which folder they are to be inserted in. The process is also a snap for your accountant or bookkeeping professional. I have recently showed my Simplicity Principle filing system to my own accountant. Her response was as expected, she was thrilled to see that for once, I was organized. All my expenses and costs were itemized in a very straight forward and manageable manner. Her initial thoughts are that the costs for her services may be reduced as we are somewhat more organized moving forward. I am all for saving money on expenses. as it leaves more money for shoes. I mean, you can't have enough shoes...

The filing system makes it so simple, and for those who are not mathematically savvy or do not understand accounting, there is a glossary of terms and definitions to make it a little easier. I can now spend about two hours a month on putting everything together for her to reconcile for the tax man.

The Simplicity Principle by Chloe retails for around $60 and is available now for the 2014 season. Your accountant will love you for it, even though their own accounts receivable may in fact be reduced as a result of using this product. Win-win as far as I am concerned.

Get your own, as I am intent on keeping mine.